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Bell Walk Major

The Bell Walk is a challenge walk of 36 miles which links together those churches in the Dronfield area which have bells. In particular, the towers at Dronfield, Old Whittington, Norton, Dore, and Hathersage. Bell walk major badge


The complete route is covered by 1:25000 OS maps SK 28/38, Sheffield, and SK 27/37, Chesterfield. You may start at any point, walk it in reverse or spread it over more than one day.

[Note: These maps may not be available now. Outdoor Leisure Maps 1, 24 plus Explorer 269 + 278 cover the area. Also Landranger 110 + 119.]

All bearings are given in degrees from magnetic north.

R = right; L = left; X = cross: fb = footbridge..

START at Dronfield church (353784). Take the lane below the church by the entrance to The Chantry Hotel (accommodation), then the path, R, between houses. Go diagonally L up the grass bank by path ahead, to playing field. Turn L and follow a path on the R edge. X a road to the path opposite then L at the next road. R at the road junction then up hill to pass a golf club house (359775). Continue on the road then on a track, where the road goes L, to Ouzlebank Cottage (362767). Maintain same direction, 174deg, and cross a style to the L of a gate. Follow the L field boundary to a wood. [2.2mls]

The path enters the wood and goes 1/2 R, keep L at a path junction until an open area is reached. A fire break goes off R, cross to the other side, and keep L of the trees, on 142deg.

A new golf course has been constructed here, keep this on your L. Turn L when a track is joined. Follow the track to it's junction with a road (372753). Turn L on the road, then first R. Take the track L by a telephone box (373753). Keep ahead on a path where the track goes L. Cross the iron railway bridge (375752). Take the path to the top of the embankment then across fields in general direction 114deg. Keep the field boundary on L until next field boundary. Keep ahead and go up the field turning very slightly L. [Note: The farmer has removed some field walls and the path may not follow the route indicated on the map ]. Enter Old Whittington by a path at (383751). Turn L at the road, then R to the church (384752) [4mls]. (For refreshment, go R on entering the village for the Cock and Magpie).

Pass through the churchyard, then L on a walled path by the grave yard. Turn L at the path junction and go down some steps to cross a bridge. Enter a field at (385753), the path follows the wall on the R . After 1 ml turn on 0 deg then, 46deg to pass through a wood and cross a field to some spoil heaps (394766). Turn on 18deg, the route crosses the garden of a cottage, then, in the centre of the next field, turn L on 311deg (Note: This turning is often concealed by crops, keeping straight on across the field brings you to a track at which, turn L to Hundall). At a track, turn L and follow it to meet a road by a farm (386771) in Hundall [6mls]. Turn R on the road, pass the road junc. by the Miners Arms (refreshment), then up the hill. After 3/4 mile, pass the road junction on R and the Travellers Rest Inn (Keeps changing it's name!) at Apperknowle.




Take the track R (384782) just past the Travellers Rest, this passes the end of a small airstrip to a road (CARE: this can be busy), turn L then take the first R, by the Black-a-moor Head Inn (Now just called The Inn) to Troway (386797). At a R bend, opposite the Gate Inn, turn L on a path to a field, 289deg, then a path through a wood [7.7mls]. Turn R at the track to Sicklebrook Farm (379798). Keep ahead, enter fields at track junction (379801), 16deg then 339deg. Cross a f.b., straight on up a little banking. (Note: There are lots of casual paths in this area). Keep the wood on R, the path swings to L. At the end of the wood and path junc. (373812) take L path, 294deg, to Hazlebarrow Farm and then the main road (364817). Cross the road (dual carriageway) with great CARE. Take the path then a minor road to Oaks Park gate at a road junction (363822). Turn L down the road to Norton church [10.3mls].

Enter Graves Park through a gap in the wall, pass the rare breeds enclosures keeping R then L at path junctions. Follow the path through the park to an exit gate (352819). Turn R on a track just in the park then keep L to skirt a pitch and putt course on your left. Fork R to follow the rim of a steep bank to meet main road, (347822). Cross this road with great CARE. You are now following the Sheffield Round Walk. Walk 150 yds. R to find a path L, by houses, to Chancet Wood. The path gradually swings L, there are two paths through the wood, choose either, when they meet again watch for a path on R over a fb to leave the wood and meet a road (342819), X the road (again with CARE) and walk R, find another path L by houses. Keep R on the lower path when entering the wood and continue to Beauchief Abbey (333819) [12.5mls]. You are still on the Sheffield Round Walk.

Turn L up a lane then the footpath, R, at the top edge of the golf course. Just after the ha-ha on the left, at path junc. take the path L up a couple of steps to avoid dropping height. This path keeps to the top of the wood,  it rejoins the Round Walk, in a dip by an information board, before dropping diagonally to some steps. L at the bottom of the steps to meet a road (TAKE CARE). Cross over and turn R. (You now leave the Round Walk). X the railway bridge and enter waste land over a stile. Go to L then swing R to climb to the top of the bank ahead. Take the path R, contour round to the L. At path crossing and steps, take a made path downhill, R, to meet a road at (319806). Cross with CARE to the road opposite then join a path which runs by a stream and between gardens, X a road then meet another road in Dore at (311811). Follow road R to minor X roads, by the war memorial, turn L to pass Dore church [15mls] (if refreshment is needed, go straight on for the village.).

Follow the road SW to leave the village. Just before a sharp L bend take a path ahead by a seat. Cross the stile and turn L on a path parallel with the road. At a track, turn R to pass Avenue Farm (301805). Take the path R at a L bend, 296deg, at a f.b. turn R up the field. Join a track and follow it L up the valley with the stream on your left. At (291807) keep R uphill through a wood to meet a main road at (286813). Turn R down this road to road junc. on R. Cross the main road with GREAT CARE to a gate onto the moor. The path goes L, NOT R, toward a grit storage area, then swings R keeping well to R of a stream. The path is very faint and is sparsely marked by posts on bearing 283deg. Pass through remains of an enclosure and X a track. Climb up past some rocks and follow a cairned path to Burbage Edge [18.3mls].




Drop to Burbage Brook, 272deg, X the pack horse bridge (264814). Climb up to the N edge of Carl Wark. X the path leading to Higger Tor, keep on 283deg to the NE corner of an enclosure (254816). Join a road, turn L then cross a stile on R to a field path down to a farm. Go R through the farm buildings. The path leaves the farm track L, crosses a FB and climbs the bank to a road at a sharp bend (247818). Turn R to follow this road then go L on the next lane. When the lane turns R, go through a gate L, then R to another gate. The path drops ahead then turns L by broken walls to Carhead House (239824). Turn R on a track. Go through the gate to L of the entrance to Moorseats Hall (of Jane Eyre fame), the path goes L down through trees. Pass through a stone gateway and cross a wet section [21mls].

Keep slightly R, 253deg, to a stile leading to Hathersage church car park. Enter the church yard (235819), pass the tower (Little John's grave is just to the left) and exit at the low end of the graveyard on a path at L edge of a field. Turn L at the track to Hathersage village then R down Besom Lane to the main road.

Continue down the main road. Turn L opp. the George Hotel (accommodation). X the road to a lane R between the Little John Hotel and a stream. Follow this lane under a railway bridge. Where the lane goes L by a house, enter a field by a track R, 176deg. Keep ahead when track turns R. Cross fields to main road (233807). X road (with CARE) to lane opposite which follows the river to Harper Lees (238802), pass the house on R by a field path. Follow this path to enter a wood then take the path L, 124deg, up through the wood, go L at the path fork when a field gate comes into view ahead, X a stile then L to X the railway. Meet a track and follow it to the R to pass Padley Chapel then Grindleford station (251788) [24.3mls].

Go L up the path by the Station Cafe (refreshments), X a main road (with CARE) to a path on the L of a stream, 109deg. Keep to R halfway up. Leave the trees and keep R over wet ground to join a track which runs L by field walls to meet the road at (259780). Turn L, X road (with CARE) to a path R across the moor, 59deg, to a remote house. Take path R, 135deg, to cross a stile on White Edge, then 108deg to pass Lady's Cross and meet a road at (276783). Turn R, X the road (with CARE)and take the moor path L, 51deg, keeping W of the trig. pt. then 26deg. Join a track [27.4mls], turn R down hill. [This track has been used by 4X4's and is badly eroded]. The track becomes a walled track at (290797). Meet a lane at (296798) and turn L, pass houses on R. Take path R diag. across the playing field to the Cricket Inn. Turn R down the lane then look out for a field path R to join a paved path, this meets a road at (306799) [29mls]. Go R to main road and cross with CARE.

Go down the lane by the Fleur De Lys, pass the entrance to Totley church on L. (The old Training College (309796) is now a housing development). Take track L, 147deg, where lane bends R. Keep the wall on L. Enter a wood, when the track goes R, keep ahead on a path over f.b. Go R to second field then L up the field to skirt Woodthorpe Hall grounds and meet a lane at (316788). When the lane goes R, enter Holmesfield Park Wood, follow the path and track to arrive in Holmesfield by the church (321777) [30.6mls]. ( More refreshments are available here, at the Angel by the church and the George and Dragon opposite ).


X the road and take the track on L of the George and Dragon. Enter fields ahead, at a junction of 5 paths cross the stream L on 96deg. At a road, go L then first R by Cartledge Hall. When this track becomes muddy use a parallel field path on L. Turn L at a road [32.1mls] and go up hill round a sharp L bend. (There is a fp on L just before the road which avoids this sharp bend.) Take first turn R then the path R, 157deg, in a small wood. Cross a track and keep ahead until the path meets a lane (351754), turn L. Take the track slanting R, 40deg, up hill from a lane and track junc. Enter Monk Wood ahead, keep on the track and look out for a path R to the footbridge over the Dronfield bypass, X over [34mls].

Follow the track to R. Ignore the minor paths L, the main path swings R then look for a sunken path to L, 48deg, take this path up through the wood. Where it meets another path at the top of the wood, turn L to pass golf course on L. Keep L at road junc. and follow to Hill Top. Pass houses. Turn R at the Hyde Park Inn (now closed!), pass a playing field on R, and take a path between houses. L at a road then R. R at road junction and find a path L between houses. L at a road. Take the path on R, follow it to cross L edge of a playing field. Follow path to L then up to Dronfield shopping centre. Pass in front of the Sports Centre and up the path ahead to the War Memorial. Turn R down High Street (the Blue Stoops Inn and the Manor Hotel, accommodation, are on the R, the Fish and Chip shop is on the L). Follow the road round R and L to the Green Dragon Inn and the Church [36mls].

Successful completions qualify for the Bell Walk Badge and certificate which are available on payment of £3.

Cheques should be made payable to 'St. John the Baptist Church Bellringers'.

Please send applications with a brief report of the walk, with times, to:

Vic Cox, 36 Elwood Road, Bradway, Sheffield, S17 4RH. enclosing a S.A.E.



The Bell Walk Major can be split into two Bell Walk Minor routes.

[1]. 22mls. After Dore church, instead of taking the track to Avenue farm, continue on the road past the Crown Inn and join up with the Major route at the Fleur De Lys.

[2]. 14mls. Start at Dore, follow the Major route as far as the Cricket Inn, Totley. Turn R down the lane to a road junction. Turn L to return to Dore.Did you find your way alright?


Should you find that the route description does not match the route on the ground, either through my error or due to changes to footpaths or pub names etc., please let me know so that corrections can be made to future descriptions. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the walk!

Vic Cox

update 2008