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Tuesday, February 20, 2018                                                  


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The Dronfield Collection
Music for Handbells

contact: dronfieldcol@aol.com

A collection of some of the world's best loved music arranged for 
two or two+ , three and five octaves of handbells.
The two+ octave music uses bells just outside of the normal 2 octave range of 18G (G4) to 4G (G6).
The additional bells, [19F or F# and 3A (F4, F#4,
and A6)] are given in the listing. 

All the titles can be transferred to you as a PDF file
The purchaser is given permission to copy the supplied music (or convert it to another format), for their exclusive
use only, without contravening the copyright.

Single paper copies are still available for most titles.

Please enquire by e mail, payment options will be included in the reply. 
The cost given in the listings is for pdf transfer

The music is produced in the standard format of treble and bass staves.
Lower stave (bass clef), notes up to 15C# (C#5).
Upper stave (treble clef), notes from 14D (D5) and above.


To see the titles available,

The Catalogue link takes you to the top of the 2 octave listing.
Further links will take you to 3 and 5 octave and special listings.

Here you will find details of cost and some information on the music.

There are also links to the Composer, and to the score sample.

The Composer link takes you to the top of the list of titles available by that composer.
The Sample link takes you directly to a sample of the first page of the music
                    and an opportunity to play the complete score.
Note that the sounds are generated using a simulation as near as we can get it to bell sounds.
An attempt has been made to simulate the tempos, but dynamics are limited

You can go directly to the list of Composers




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