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Information and News on Towerbell and Handbell Ringing in Dronfield, Derbyshire.

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The tower bell ringers enjoy a Ring and Ramble each year.

This is usually fairly local and of about 6 miles distance, which is fine for what is usually a November walk with a couple of towers to ring at enroute and still leave enough time to enjoy a meal.

A report of the latest Ring and Ramble can be accessed from the Activities page.

A Long walk usually takes place each year. This is a full day walk, without ringing, of 20 or more miles.

A report of the latest Long Walk can be accessed from the Activities page.

Walks completed in past years have included:

Walks marked * are multi day walks completed in one visit - mostly by a limited number of the ringers.

The other walks were all completed in one day.

Bell Walk Major, (our own devising), 36 miles

The Lyke Wake Walk, 40 miles

Yorkshire Three Peaks, 25 miles

Chesterfield Canal walk (Cuckoo Way), 46 miles

The Derwent Watershed, 40 miles

Dambusters Challenge, 21 miles

Longshaw Limber, 30 miles

Cloud 7 Circuit, 33 miles

White Peak Rollercoaster, 24 miles

Peakland Heritage, 36 miles

High Peak Way, 28 miles

Fountains Abbey Challenge Walk, 26 miles

Derwent Mills and Hills Challenge walk, 22 miles

ER walk, (our own devising), 27 miles

Sting in the Tail, 28 miles

Beast of Bolsover, 20 miles

Royal Shrovetide Football Challenge Walks, 11 + 19 miles

Belvoir Whitches Challenge Walk, 25 miles

Pennine Way*, (North to South), 251 miles

Round the Isle of Man, Coast Path*, 90 miles
Coast to Coast, (West to East)*, 190 miles

The Thames Path*, (end at London), 180 miles

The Wolds Way*,  79 miles

Details of the Bell Walk Major and the ER walk will be added to this website. Walkers completing the Bell Walk Major can apply for a badge (at moderate cost) and a certificate. A certificate for the ER walk can be supplied.


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